Virtual Private Networks


A Virtual Private Network or most common called VPN tunnel is a transparent connection of two networks with different address ranges. The above figure illustrates a fully transparent VPN tunnel. 

VPN tunnels can also be configured in a hub an spoke configuration like branches connected to a centralized location such as a Data Center or HQ.  

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IPSec Site to Site VPNs

IPsec has established itself as the standard for VPN tunnels and is widely supported by almost all VPN device manufacturers. 
Xpro Networks Engineers can help you design and mantain your VPNs with or without redundant connectiity in between sites. 
Let us architech your network based on your user needs and your corporate mission critical application needs.


Client to Site VPNs

Client-to-Site VPNs offers users access to your corporate network from a remote location over a secure tunnel connection.
Clients authenticate by user/password, microsoft active directory services and/or X.509 certificates.
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SSL VPN grants users secure SSL/TLS-encrypted access to internal corporate resources and applications through a customizable web interface without the need of installing or configuring a VPN client.
SSL VPN supports centralized authentication, authorization, and content inspection. 

Consult with us to see if this is the best technology to access your internal resources from your remote workers.

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Point to Point Networks

Point to Point Networks can serve to connect your buildings together without touching the public network.
In some rural areas can serve to extend your internet access to buildings that otherwise will not be able to be served due to geographical challenges or because there are no ISPs available.
Normally you will minimize latency in between buildings helping your critical applications to work like they where located almost in the same office.
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