Point-to-Point Networks are mainly used for two locations that need to securely send sensitive or confidential data between each location.  

Its high performance it provides is due to the low latency of the network. For confidentiality purposes, this service doesn’t require the data traffic to be routed over the public internet, which is where many breaches in security can happen.

These connections can be over fiber optics or via secure microwaves. Xpro Networks Engineers will help you acquire the right type of connectivity for your critical application connectivity.


Air Fiber

When line of sight in between building is possible, Xpro Networks engineers can design your point to point network using airfiber technology with speeds of up to 20Gbps. We have extensive experience designing and installing this type of networks in the most severe weather conditions. Our engineers will help you design a robust point to point or point to multi-point network for your applications need.

To complete the complexity of this type of design we can even help you with all the FCC paperwork need it in case that you decide to use a commercial licensed frequency instead of a non-licensed frequency. Consult with us and we can explain every option available for your particular application.

Microwave Point to Point

The main difference in between Air Fiber and microwave connections are that microwaves uses much higher frequencies than airfibers which permits much higher bandwidth connectivity. Microwaves antennas normally requires the appliction for a licensed frequency which sometimes could be an issue if your application is located in a high populated area whith tons of microwaves around. One of the reasons that operators like to use this solution is high realibility compared to airfibers or WiMax connections.
Contact us and one of our wireless engineers will answer all your questions for your existing or new project.

Dark Fiber

Considering compliance and security as your main goal. There is no question that the main advantage for Dark Fibers is that your data never touch the public network.
We can either design your private dark fiber network or we can find a provider capable to provide dedicated point to point dark fibers for you. We can even install dark fibers for you and rent them out to you.
As you can see in the picture dark fibers are installed in between buildings connecting your edge switches or your edge routers. Consult with us and we can analyze what would be the best approach for your particular situation.


Fiber Transport

Similarly to dark fibers, Fiber transport is a connection in between buildings but they are managed by your internet service provider. Using this technology guarantees that your data never touch the public network.
Our network engineers can help you find the right provider for your application. 

Fiber transport is normally at layer 2 level. One of our network engineers can answer any question that you might have regarding this technology or help you decide in between Fiber transport and any other technology.

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Point to Point Networks

Point to Point Networks can serve to connect your buildings together without touching the public network.
In some rural areas can serve to extend your internet access to buildings that otherwise will not be able to be served due to geographical challenges or because there are no ISPs available.
Normally you will minimize latency in between buildings helping your critical applications to work like they where located almost in the same office.
Consult with one of our engineers to help you decide which is your best technology available.

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