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Who We Are

We are trained and experienced engineers and IT techs with a focused vision of communications and compliance services. XPRO designs, maintains, and manages IT departments for financial services and healthcare institutions.

From the desktop to the data center, and compliance to cyber-security, our outsource CIOs will help you and your IT team utilize the latest technologies for your organization's success.

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Xpro Networks Milestones

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Financial, Healthcare, and Retail Customers

Why Are We Different?

We assess your compliance status whether it be GLBA, HIPAA or PCI-DSS, or other regulatory requirements in your industry. Compliance is a non-stop cycle: Know, Fix, and Secure. As XPRO is vendor agnostic, we take advantage of solutions and make recommendations from a variety of service providers. We are here to support you along the way, safeguarding your business interests and success.
10 Years Experience
In 2008, XPRO Networks began supporting financial, retail, and healthcare clients with their business communications and networking needs. As the number of malicious technological attacks grew and government regulations increased, XPRO's scope was broadened to include security, thereby reducing cyber-attacks, and compliance, to meet the government regulations.

Today, you can be assured that XPRO Networks will not only understand your company's needs but will help create and implement the systems required to ensure compliance with government regulations and reduce risks from malicious attacks. 
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Security & Compliance

We have the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience you need to build, manage, and protect your critical infrastructure and data.

After our security and compliance teams assess your vulnerabilities and threats, our engineers will design, implement, and maintain a comprehensive security plan to protect your data and IT infrastructure.


You need an experienced telecom partner. XPRO represents voice and internet services in all 50 states and has 15 years of experience installing thousands of internet circuits and phone systems.

XPRO combines cutting edge hosted PBX, SD-WAN, and managed security applications. We have the features and reliability to power your business communications.


Businesses are rapidly moving infrastructure, software, and other services to the cloud. Benefits are significant, from improved flexibility and competitiveness, to capital savings and disaster recovery.

XPRO Networks will design an effective infrastructure plan that is highly customized to complement your business requirements and strategy.

IT Services

Communications, network management, security needs, and technologies are evolving at an unprecedented pace.

We work side by side with your IT team to implement and maintain the best solutions for your organization. We also offer CIO Services for clients, assisting with management, planning, maintenance, and on-site technical services.


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Companies Since 2008

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